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Active flexibility and mobility training to improve your PANCAKE STRETCH. Safe and effective techniques - 19 HD detailed instructional videos covering:

  • Preparation Exercises - To explore current range of movement and prepare the body for the following exercises.

  • Partial Poses - To help identify any weak areas in your active flexibility capabilities and give you the right techniques to improve your performance.

  • Full Poses including Kinetic Stretching, Loaded Stretching and End Range Strengthening techniques - Progressing your ability to control full range of movement.

  • Counter Poses - To create balance in your body.


Suitable for all levels. Progressions are given to assist in increasing your flexibility performance no matter what your starting point. Take a look at the example below.


Integral Movement

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  • Gain impressive flexibility with the strength to control your full range.

  • Relieve pain & discomfort caused from years of neglect.

  • Improve athletic performance through increasing range and control.

Committed to helping you achieve a body that is strong, resilient and comfortable to live in - performing to the best of its ability.