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Integral Movement

Personalised and effective stretching and movement classes designed to release the restrictions in your body and restore freedom in movement.
Small group classes in Glebe, Hobart. Su

Experienced massage therapy to help ease restrictions and improve performance.

Relaxation treatments to relieve stress and general muscle tension.

Remedial treatments to assess disfunction, increase range of movement and reduce discomfort.

Soft tissue therapy to help restore heal

Integral Movement is committed to helping you achieve a body that is strong, resilient and comfortable to live in, performing to the best of its ability. A range of classes and exercises are offered at an affordable price through the online training page.

Online flexibility, mobility, strength a
Mark Hayes has been helping people move with greater ease for the last ten years in the field of Remedial Massage and Corrective Exercise. Mark is a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and Stretch Therapy Teacher - he currently teaches several active flexibility and mobility classes each week as well as running workshops for sporting and performance groups. Previous to that he worked as an Outdoor Educator, Adventure Guide and Fitness Instructor.  Through personal experience he knows the discomfort associated with injury and tightness and firmly believes that change needs to driven from within. Starting now and applying yourself each day is the way to make improvement.
Anita Tujula is a primary school teacher and qualified acrobatic gymnastics coach. Anita is a lover of circus and acrobatics, and would run away and join the circus if she could! She has a movement history which includes gymnastics, martial arts, pesapallo (Finnish baseball), yoga and outdoor education. Her long term goal in life is to be that 95 year old woman still doing handstands and the splits in her spare time. Anita gets joy from sharing her love of gymnastics, acrobatics and movement with others, adults and children alike.


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