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Active flexibility and mobility training for the full body. Science based techniques to safely and effectively increase your usable range of movement and improve joint control. Suitable for all bodies, from those wanting unwind restrictions and relieve the discomfort associated with soft tissue tightness due to daily life, through to athletes and performers looking to enhance end-range function and maintain joint health and longevity.


This class follows a similar format to what you would find in a typical remedial massage treatment. We start with joint mobilisation and muscle energy techniques to help with alignment. Then soft tissue release tools, such as foam rollers and massage balls, are used to help the nervous system let go of excessive tension. Finally joint control exercises help to cement any mobility gains. Click here to see a short clip of the kind of techniques involved in the Soft Tissue class.


In this class you will be given exercises specifically targeted to achieve your goals. We start with a group warm-up and them Mark will move from person to person giving individualised exercises. One person may want to work on a tight upper back while someone else is looking to progress their side-splits. As Mark will be moving from person to person and leaving you to work on your prescribed exercises it would be beneficial for you to have attended some EXPAND & CONTROL classes to have an understanding of the Integral Movement training principles. It is important to understand this class is not a replacement for a one on one session - there is no in-depth assessment and reassessment and you will not be given a program to work on at home.


Bodyweight strength and conditioning gymnastics style. A 50 minute early morning class to start your day off right. Develop and improve strength and control of your body. Suitable for all bodies.


A one hour class introducing you to the techniques and principles that are the foundation of Integral Movement mobility training. This class is suitable for those who have not used their body through its full range in some time and are feeling nervous about starting mobility training. A gentler pace than regular classes allows for increased focus on position and the use of props for support. However, this is still a floor based class and you will need to be (somewhat) comfortable with getting up and down and changing positions many times during each session.

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12 Class Pass

For use in all classes and workshops.

Expires 12 months after the first class.

Good for those planning on one class per week or less.

$216 ($18 per class).

Unlimited Class Passes

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Two classes per week works out to $16 per class.

Three classes per week works out to $10.65 per class.

Four classes per week works out to $8 per class.

If you know you will be away for 7 days or more let us know in advance and your pass will be suspended.

A variety of expiration lengths to suit your budget.




Casual Class Price

$20 per class

The expiration date of all Class Passes is set from your first class visit. Even if you purchase a pass today the expiration period will not start until you have attended your first class.

Each class is run in a workshop style where questions are encouraged and together we work to find the best approach to bring about the quickest and most effective change in you. Different people require different techniques to gain the best outcome. By not being stuck in a prescribed workout formula and through working closely together, we are able to create a targeted session to meet your needs.

Active Flexibility and Mobility Personal Training

A one hour, one on one, training session to target the tight areas holding your mobility training back. This session is focused on helping you achieve you flexibility and mobility goals in the safest and most effective way.

$80 per session

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