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Unlimited Access To Training Library
Flexibility and mobility classes.
Prehab to performance.
Gymnastic strength training.
Movement challenges and more.
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After joining please return to this page page. Click the red LOGIN button on the top right. Choose SIGN UP. Fill in your log in details. Once your payment is processed I will approve your login request - you will receive a welcome email and be all set to start training with us.


Welcome to Online Training with Integral Movement, we are really glad to have you here.


We are a family owned and operated business who are passionate about maintaining a active and healthy body. Our aim is to keep doing the sports and activities we love well into our twilight years, we want to lead by example to our children, taking a part in their active lives, not just watching from the sideline. Anita is a registered gymnastics coach with a love for acro. Mark has a background in remedial bodywork and a keen interest in movement and mobility for rehab all the way through to increasing sports performance. He loves getting on his mountain bike in his spare time. The kids love everything, but mostly climbing trees.

Experienced and qualified instruction in active flexibility training, gymnastic strength training, movement challenges to express mobility and more.

We are committed to helping you achieve a body that is strong, resilient and comfortable to live in - performing to the best of its ability.

  • Gain impressive flexibility with the strength to control your full range.

  • Relieve pain & discomfort caused from years of neglect.

  • Improve athletic performance through increasing range and control.

Take a look at the sample shoulder class below. I start by explaining the principles of mobility training and how it can benefit you. We then go into a follow along demonstration. Your shoulders will thank you for it.


I understand that we are living through very challenging times, globally and locally. In my lifetime, the importance of maintaining health and well-being has never been made more clear. Unfortunately, it is right at this time that many of us also feel increased economic pressure, causing us to neglect our own health and start a downward spiral. I aim to offer good quality mobility training that works. Science based training principles with safe and effective techniques to help create a body that is both comfortable to live in and performs well in your chosen pursuits. I hope to make this training available to all those who need it at the moment. For a one off fee of $23.95 you gain unlimited access to the exercise library for as long as it exists, and I have no plans on closing it in the next few years. I am currently reformatting the page to include all of the classes that were recorded during lock-down - there is already over 20 hours of follow along classes and many more to be added. I believe you are getting exceptional value for your money.

Here is a quick look at the gymnastic strength training class with Anita.

  • A complete training package with seven different sections in the Members Only page.
  • Full Body Flexibility and Mobility classes with Mark. Classes are broken down into bite sized segments. If you are running short on time just do a 15 minute session OR join a few together for a more intense workout. Classes can include joint therapeutics and mobilisation, active stretching and flexibility, soft tissue release and end range strengthening.
  • From Prehab To Performance. We stay focused on one body area or movement pattern for several weeks. Starting with exercises to relieve discomfort and create more working space we progress through isolating movement, increasing load to generate force and finally exploring complex movement patterns.
  • Gymnastic Strength Training in your lounge room with Anita. Exercises to develop body position and control for floor gymnastics including handstands.
  • Explore Movement. Mobility drills to challenge and express your range of movement. You have full access to the movement library and can build your own workout.
  • Foundations of Stretch series. A three class series for those who are new to this style of training and are apprehensive about moving their body. An introduction to active flexibility techniques for the full body to develop awareness and an understanding of the training principles.
  • C.A.Rs, Controlled Articular Rotations. Techniques to asses, explore and develop each joints capabilities. A maintenance check-up for your movement.
  • Reduce pain and discomfort associated with poor mobility.
  • Improve range and control, and increase performance.
Take a look at some sample exercises from the Explore Movement section.

My story - How I know this works.

I started working in the Fitness and Recreation industry in the mid 1990's. For the last ten years I have focused on remedial bodywork therapies such as massage, joint mobilisation, partner stretching, corrective exercise and dry needling to name a few.

During this time I have also been running  active flexibility and mobility classes for my regular students in Hobart, Australia. I also run workshops for corporate, sporting and physical performance groups.

I have seen the difference that can be made through this style of training many, many times over. From one-on-one settings addressing specific areas of pain and discomfort, to helping athletes improve their performance, these training principles and techniques provide a methodical approach to improving range, control and performance. This is not a miraculous solution. However, if you are willing to apply yourself to regular training the results will come in time.

Personally, over the years I have made amazing changes to my own very dysfunctional body. 30 years ago I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. The most serious and lasting injury occurred to my right knee. The kneecap was so badly smashed that what was left needed to be removed. My right femur needed a bone graft and many screws to hold it together. And a reasonable sized portion of my quadriceps muscle was cut away. A knee in this state is never going to be the same again, and it still gives me troubles and requires constant maintenance. However I am often surprised that when I am running a mobility class, or workshop, while I might be the most smashed-up person in the room I still display the best movement capabilities. This wasn't always the case. For many years I was living with pain in a dysfunctional body. Often, when seeking professional help, I was told "that's just the way my body is and nothing could be done about it." It's true that I cannot 'undamage' my knee, but through diligent and methodical work I have been able to make it the best knee it can possibly be. And by working on the rest of my body and keeping all of those joints at the best of their potential I have made great changes to the quality of my life. Not only is the daily pain vastly reduced but I am able to get back on a mountain bike and ride trails that challenge and excite me. I often say that my classes aren't much fun, but they make the fun stuff possible. If you decide to join in with the online classes I sincerely hope they help to bring more enjoyment into your life.

After joining please return to this page page. Click the green LOGIN button on the top right. Choose SIGN UP. Fill in your log in details. Once your payment is processed I will approve your log in request - you will receive a welcome email and be all set to start training with us.

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