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  • This workshop follows a similar format to our regular Soft Tissue Release & Prehab class. It is how I would approach a remedial massage or soft tissue treatment but applied to a group setting.

  • END RANGE STRENGTHENING, ACTIVE FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY exercises to improve range and control.

  • Exercises targeted to relieve the discomfort associated with tightness and dysfunction in the hamstrings, hip flexors and neck.

  • Safe and effective techniques to help identify your current restrictions and develop a pathway for achieving your goals.

  • Training based in scientific principles to expand range and improve control.

  • Suitable for all levels with specific exercise to target all abilities.

Only $25 for a 2 hour workshop. Click the link below to register.

Or if you currently hold any Integral Movement CLASS PASS then one visit will be used from it. Just let Mark know the next time you see him and he will register you for this workshop.

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In a fun, safe and playful setting, you will together learn the basics of partner acrobatics, you will learn to balance and hold each other. We will work on static and moving holds and we will progress through a series of super fun tricks that you will be able to play with together at home. Safety and spotting, and appropriate communication will be covered. We will also do some acrobatic related strength and conditioning exercises and stretching.

In a fun, safe, inclusive learning environment students will:

-Gain an understanding of safety requirements for partner acrobatics

-Develop progressive partner acrobatic skills suitable to their level

-Develop communication skills required between acrobatic partners

-Increase awareness and control of body in space.

$200 per parent/child pair for the 8 week course.

Check back soon for up-coming active flexibility and mobility workshops

An Integral Movement Workshop created specifically to meet the needs of your athletes and performers.
  • Scientifically based training to safely and effectively target soft tissue restrictions.

  • Develop awareness of movement through Controlled Articular Rotations - a collection of techniques to isolate and identify each joints capabilities while stimulating greater neural involvement.

  • Then specific isometric loading exercises are used to activate both the closing and opening angles of the joint in order to expand usable ranges of motion. These exercises help develop tissue quality and performance, spanning from the joint capsule to the superficial muscles.

  • Through adhering to the principles of specificity and adaptation via progressive overload (as all good physical training programs should) we create greater resilience in the tissue around the joints, resulting in injury mitigation.

  • This workshop is principle based - meaning that you are able to take the key concepts and seamlessly incorporate them into your current mobility training.

To discuss how to run this workshop as a fund-raising event for your organisation please contact below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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